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Aspen Valley Landscaping Services

Landscape Construction

We have extensive experience creating beautiful and sustainable landscapes. So why not let us help you construct your ideal outdoor space? Whether its a small patio or an extensive water feature we will be able to create the environment you are looking for.  AVL has experience in every phase of landscape installation and construction from the initial excavation to the landscape lighting.

Native Restoration and Hydroseeding

One of our favorite tasks is returning developed areas to natural habitats. Whether you are looking to restore an area disrupted by construction or create a totally new ecosystem AVL can make it happen. Sometimes the hardest landscapes to create are those that are meant to look like nature created them. Our team of Horticulturists, Arborists and Ecologists can create a landscape that looks like mother nature did it herself.

Irrigation Installation

Due to this area's arid conditions almost all landscapes need some sort of watering device. We provide installation of traditional irrigation systems as well as state of the art subsurface systems. With the technology today sprinkler systems can be designed to use up to 65% less water than traditional systems.

We are now able to irrigate lawn areas using subsurface irrigation tubing. This allows complete root zone watering without above ground sprinkler heads. This product decreases water use significantly and provides noiseless operation.

We have solutions for any irrigation problem from a small lawn to a sports field pump house Aspen Valley Landscaping can accommodate your irrigation needs.